《Interview》 Brewers owner Nishio Kazuma

The relationship between Toji and Brewers owner 

We’ve been producing sake as a brewer for more than 200 years, the taste of sake, and the tradition have been passed on to Toji and us.

The biggest mission for a brewer is to make sake. Of course, there are parts like selling the sake, but making sake is the basis, and the most important. Tojis take charge of the making part, and for out brewer, they are irreplaceable and also the symbol of the brewer.

What is the moment that made you stunned with Toji’s technique?

Depends on the seasons and the years, some years are extremely hot while some years are cold, and there are also some difficult years for sake making. And regardless of these factors, Tojis were still able to produce the same taste of sake every year. This is the moment that I am stunned with Toji’s technique.


“The way” to enjoy local sake

The rice that we used for sake making is mostly local rice, and another thing is the water we used is also from the local.
And the local Tanba Tojis are keeping the quality of the sake. One of the biggest mission of sake is to make the tastes of dishes more outstanding in the mouth. And this is the way that most people enjoy sake nowadays.
With the sake made from local raw material, if it’s tasted with local food, the taste of the food will really stands out much more.
I think what makes the local sake valuable is the way that the brewer lives. The brewer not only make sake, but engage itself in the culture and the tradition while sells sake to people. Isn’t this what makes local sake more precious?